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6 Super Simple Content Marketing Hacks to Double Your Lead Generation

If lead generation is the engine that drives your business, then content marketing is the premium grade gasoline you use to fill that engine. The power of content marketing has made it easier than ever to implement evergreen lead generation strategies and convert those leads into happy satisfied customers.

While most of you probably understand the basics of using content marketing for lead generation, there are a few simple hacks you can implement to double your results almost overnight and generate leads in numbers that will boggle your mind.

Today, I am going to show you six of those hacks.

1. Write content that goes deep

The first hack is also one of the simplest. For SEO and brandingpurposes, long form content is always better. Writing longer and more in-depth content enables you to provide more value to your audience, share a more detailed message, and as an added bonus, is absolutely loved by Google.

Nearly every marketing expert agrees that the average length of viral articles is around 2,400 words, so if you plan on generating leads through your company’s blog then increasing the length of your content is a good place to start.

But this doesn't give you permission to create redundant or tangential copy that makes people question why they clicked through to your website in the first place. Each word must provide value to fulfill your visitors’ intention.

2. Use content upgrades for your lead magnets

Have you ever been surfing a website or reading an article on the latest technological advancements when all of the sudden you are hit with an on-page pop up promoting a lead magnet regarding health & fitness?

I didn’t think so.

Even if you’ve never experienced an example quite this extreme, it's obvious that the lead magnets you are promoting need to be congruent with the content on the page your viewers are reading.

These are often referred to as content upgrades. Content upgrades are post-specific lead magnets that are designed to enhance the user’s experience in exchange for some contact details.

For example, someone who blogs about programming may provide cheat sheets with code snippets outlined in their article. A chiropractor who writes about back health may provide a series of videos demonstrating stretches outlined in their blog post.

But these lead magnets are more than whipping up random checklists. You need to create content upgrades that are centered around what your audience truly wants.

If you want to quickly boost the number of leads generated, then start creating a slew of post specific offers for your most popular articles outlined in your analytics reports.

3. Link to webinars directly within content

Webinars are hands down one of the single most effective lead generation and marketing tactics available to the modern entrepreneur. But their power means nothing if you are not promoting them correctly.

One of the first steps that you need to take to fully unleash the potential of a well-designed webinar is to promote your webinars in the body of all of your articles, emails and in the subtext of your videos.

It might seem like an easy hack, but it will have a massive impact on your ability to generate leads.

4. Use multi-touch content marketing campaigns

Generating a lead is good, but after the initial generation, you are still miles away from converting that lead to trust your brand and make a purchase. This is why designing multi-touch content is a necessity for the modern entrepreneur.

You need to design campaigns that allow you to connect with your new lead on a recurring basis until you have developed enough rapport to streamline the sales process.

5. Include tweetable quotes in the body of your articles

A great way to quickly grow your Twitter following and rapidly grow your lead generation capacity is by including tweetable quotes in the body of your articles.

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This is a simple hack that requires nothing more than an easy to download WordPress plugin or a service like Click to Tweet. It can result in a massive growth to your Twitter following and a rapid increase in the number of leads you generate through social media.

6. Include share buttons in your emails and on your web page

If you took my advice from step one and you are creating killer long-form content, members of your email list will naturally want to share this content.

To take advantage of this and make the process as seamless and pain-free as possible, include share buttons in all of your emails and at the end of every piece of content that you write. This will simplify the sharing process and radically increase your odds of generating social hype for your brand and your content.

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Content marketing is one of the greatest weapons in your lead generation arsenal and equipped with the above seven hacks, you are well on your way to becoming a lead generating ninja in no time.

While the above tips are relatively simple to implement, they require a significant amount of testing and optimizing before their full potential will be realized. Start implementing them today and get ready to reap the rewards.

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