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The decay of worldwide politics and business lessons out of it

In the last months we have witnessed what many commentators have been calling ''the death of politics’’. With turmoils coming from places like Ukraine to Germany, from U.S. to Brazil, from China to South Africa. To those that enjoy politics, it is a full plate of lessons of what not to do, and some of them can be applied to any business, form the smaller to the largest. They speak to human nature and consequences to determined actions.

Brazilian Crisis

Since early 2015, Brazil has been the epicenter of a political, economic and constitutional crisis. The snowball effect created by an ongoing investigation regarding kickbacks and bribes from state-owned company Petrobras has triggered several actions and conflicts, leading to the arrest of high-profile politicians and billionaires and up to the semi-arrest of former president Lula and the impeachment proceedings for current president Rousseff. Media manipulation has played its role, such as mass population’s blatant ignorance.

Lesson for Businesses: Create virtuous companies, with strong company culture and mechanisms of transparency, don’t allow monopolies to take control of your company and foster within your company autonomous and authentic leaders, to which there will be true connection between the community and their values.

America’s Struggle

Trump. Is there anything else necessary? The GOP frontrunner has come out of nowhere and gripped the nomination by the throat and does not show signs of letting it go. This has triggered a identity crisis in the party, a wave of fear never witnessed among some pockets of the population, and worldwide apprehension.

Lesson for Businesses: Companies must have a relation with those that interact with them. This has to do with the way it does business, talks and acts with partners and clients, to how they treat employees. Brands don’t talk to anyone, they took with someone. Create a conversation from your organization with the people, because they need to be the ones to point in which direction you should go. If you keep an authoritarian approach to it, you open the doors for newcomers to arrive and reshape your brand for you. And if they have good recognition and understanding of media articulation, it’s game over.

Stagnated Europe

The dream of an united Europe has taken several shapes in the last couple hundreds years. But nothing as major as the European Union, the largest economic force in the world and probably the most complex of all as well. Analysts say that its strength come above all from the free-trade between the countries, that has catapulted Germany to the third largest economy in the world. But what can happen when the economies of the block are not growing, when they’re the engine of the whole machine?

Lesson for Businesses: Creating a strong company with strong services and partners is essential for survival and thriving. However, don’t ever close yourself into a structure that does not allow further development or that is too reliant on itself. Build on top of successes and open your ventures always to new markets, horizons and opportunities.

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