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Transform your ideas into money, - The 3 secrets!

In my book Profit-making Creativity, I enlist and articulate all the effects and steps from the moment of conceiving an idea upon to the point in which this idea becomes a profitable product.

Here are some hacks from my 10 years experience. I hope it will make your ideas get you lots of money!

1) Execute

It seems obvious, but is not. The main obstacle in getting an idea into a successful product is basically stopping and getting it done.

This means stepping out of a routine and comfort zone and moving into a completely new mindset and habits to get your goals accomplished. This requests discipline, will power and methodology.

2) Methodology, Methodology, Methodology!

Very few people are brought up with their parents teaching them how to handle problems with a strong Methodology. This word brings a bad connotation especially in freedom-oriented western societies. Methodology is, however, a set of rules and steps used to take action and avoid procrastination.

The idea that inspiration, visualized by an angel guiding your hand to get things done, is going to struck often enough to reach success is a misconception. Success happens once productive outcome is reached often enough and progress made through external validation as many times as needed. A set of steps and rules helps one get work produced and helps in which direction to go in good and bad scenarios.

There are several Methodologies out there, from Bruno Funari to the Pomodoro Technique. Find yours, improve on top of it, stick to it and see your outcome blossom.

3) Innovate

Innovation is one of those concepts that is much discussed and very few people understand.

Innovation is the market translation to a creative idea.

It is the moment an idea becomes a product and is put in a market to be sold.

To get there, pay special attention to marketing, tradition and commercial strategy. Once your idea becomes a product and is critically placed in a market, success is inevitable.

Want to know more? My book Profit-making Creativity is available at:

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