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Flaws to Cashflow: find profit in your faults in 5 minutes

Insecurities are one of the main aspects of human experience. Most of us are plagued by personal faults and difficulties that to a certain extent may even paralyse our actions and inhibit our progress in life.

Having endured much hardship and rejection myself, I have learned some mind tricks that helped me turning my insecurities into gold and several times making from my own personal flaws the golden factor of my victory.

Here is what I learned:

1) Extrapolate

Once identify your insecurity, use it as a tool to make yourself more noticeable and more visible. Your flaws can be used to create humanity in your personality, it can be highly interlinked with your approach of life. This will help you shape your strengths and use the flaws as a lighthouse to get attention.

2) Identify the causes and effects

By applying action to your flaws, you will be able to identify what they cause and change in your life. Also, very important is to understand where this flaws come from, if they are originated through a lack of skill, lack of stimuli or lack of motivation. By understanding the causes, you will be able to cope with the consequences better and be able to combat it or to use it as your benefit.

3) Become an Alpha

Use your flaws (turned into a characteristic of your personality) in order to push your meaning into others. By backing your personality and using your quirks as a shield to back up your results, you will find your path way more aligned with your desires and will be able to persuade in a more effective way.

4) Create a brand for yourself

Once you start using your ‘’flaws’’ in your advantage, people will start to identify you and your personality to certain values. Be sure to communicate this as well and the more people you touch, more aware they will become of this process. This is basic personal branding: promote your strengths and use your weaknesses to spice up your personality, to stand our of the crowd.

5) Network of your own

The biggest problem with most people is that everyone wants to blend in, for fears of rejection, failure or whatnot. These fears make them hide the insecurities and try to please everybody. This goes against success itself. Successful people always have enemies or disaffections. Network and create a portfolio of friends and partners that connect to your values and personality. Those that do not, stay away form them quick and with no fears.

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