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Improve Social Media Conversion in 4 steps

Social Media is a content swamp. Content is unstoppable and the normal reaction of the user is to scroll down and down and down. This diminishes brand awareness and brings to zero the conversion rate.

In order to create more traffic and better conversion, follow the steps below:

1. Social Media links improve SEO

Links from social media channels are usually considered higher quality links by Google.

Improving targeted traffic is of utter importance, since it has a direct impact on conversion rates, but being a success on targeted traffic may not always be the easiest, so it is important to find another strategies as well.

One of these can be Social Media links. Create valuable content and find influencers of your field. The more they link back to you on social media, more featured will you be at Google.

2. People will not click on anything because of your beautiful eyes.

Posts need to be convincing and have a call to action. Don’t expect people to have a epiphany of how amazing you are and go to your website. Convince, inspire and point to a direction they are supposed to go.

3. Focus on the headlines!

the best way to create conversion is to make sure your website visitors come back and to have that it is important to have high quality content.

But what defines quality? Most people busy out there with spreading their knowledge have quality in their respective fields, but they don’t understand the basic guidelines of advertising.

Titles and headlines must be quick, show efficiency and clear value of what their going to take. Lists and How To’s also create a sense of urgency that might work as well.

4. Remarket users

Users on social media are not loyal, that’s why it is important to remarket them if they stop interacting. Using website pixel to retarget social media audiences, use calls to action such as discounts to entice users back or free giveaways. Being consistent afterwards is the key, since content ROI is directly linked to constancy.

Last, but not least

Engagement is key. More engagement, more visitors. More visitors, more regular users.

The best content with an amazing title and quick call to action will bring more engagement and clicks and this content spread through social media pages will enhance SEO.

Since social networks are much more relevant to Google and other search engines these days, your site’s reputation will increase in those users' eyes. That’s great, because engagement will mean more traffic and, hopefully, more conversions. More than that, engagement will create loyalty and trust.

Engagement, content, calls to action: These are the hallmarks of successful brands, and when you build these things into your marketing efforts, you’ll see your audience grow steadily.

So, use these tips to turn more social visitors into regular users. Can you afford not to give them a try?

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